no word limit. Just need to put relevant answers related to cast study…or take information from Internet. No plagiarism Issue. Dont need detailed answers. Short and relevant. ¬†kritimdiploma

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Business Proposal Draft (6000 words) – New Zealand TH

BUSINESS PROPOSAL The business environment in modern globalization period is quite competitive for any new business to gain success into. For a new business organisation, it is very important to find a unique and appealing business idea that revolves around the needs of the consumers present in the market while offering satisfactory solutions for consumer […]

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Global Environmental Change Raising an Alarm


Environmental science is a combination of academic field that brings physics and biology to the study of the environment, and helps in solving the problems of the environment. Environmental science gives a desegregated, measurement, and interdisciplinary approach to understand the system of the environment. The study in general includes the description and analysis of environmental […]

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I want a response paper based on th


I want a response paper based on the attached 2 articles. The instructions of the response paper are as follow: a) Have you summarized/covered all-important points of the assigned chapters? b) Quality of comparison. c) Your take on the readings. d) Well-written paper? (Grammar and lack of typos) Has to be 2-3 pages in length. […]

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Hi, I am a Master in Accounting


Hi, I am a Master in Accounting student at Queens College. My first assignment is to rewrite a “policy”, also most importantly this policy needs to follow the meta format, which is difficult but required by the professor. Currently I am preparing the CPA exam and I don’t have time to work on the assignment. […]

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