Global Environmental Change Raising an Alarm


Environmental science is a combination of academic field that brings physics and biology to the study of the environment, and helps in solving the problems of the environment. Environmental science gives a desegregated, measurement, and interdisciplinary approach to understand the system of the environment. The study in general includes the description and analysis of environmental study and environmental engineering. The objective of this paper is to critically analyze the topic of global environmental change and relate it to the theme of environmental science. This paper makes use of several issues related to the field of environmental and highlights cases where global environment change has become a cause of serious concern for the regulatory authorities of several nations across the globe.
The paper uses the articles in order to discuss the findings of the topic in the form of a literature review. A discussion is included to preset the main findings of the paper. The paper ends with a brief conclusion which ties the contents of the report together (Aucamp et al, 2007).